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More than just meeting standards. Setting standards with style.

Floor Prep Solutions Ensuring Solid Results

The complete range of levelling products covering every installation.

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The flooring industry’s most comprehensive range of blending, finishing and safety options.

The Armstrong Flooring collection of commercial vinyl floor covering is a comprehensive range meeting all industry standards and requirements. Not only meeting standards, but setting standards with style.

An exceptional range of colour, texture and safety aspects allows designers the ability to meet the demands of any situation or environment, without compromising on style or appearance. Armstrong Flooring’s Commercial range boasts versatility and benefits which add elegance to any application.

Execute your design vision with Armstrong Flooring

Timberline Plus   NEW

NEW Timberline Plus range of Heterogeneous Vinyl Sheet Flooring is now available with an improved P3 Slip Resistance and a 0.7mm Performance Wear Layer which provides improved abrasion resistance.

The combination of warm, natural hues and ease of maintenance makes Timberline Plus ideal for a broad assortment of spaces.

Accolade Plus & Accolade Safe

Accolade Plus is our most durable vinyl sheet floor, made for the ultimate in wear and tear resistance.

Accolade Safe is a new innovation in slip resistant vinyl flooring. Developed especially to satisfy the growing market demand for an enhanced slip-retardant, easy maintenance, less demanding floor covering.

Both Accolade Plus and Accolade Safe is available in a range of contemporary colours.

Accolade Foothold

Accolade Foothold features aluminium oxide particles for added slip resistance encapsulated in a polyurethane surface to aid maintenance and provide additional resistance against staining.

It is recommended for use in ‘wet barefoot areas’, such as bath and shower rooms and is available in colours to mix and match with Accolade Safe and Accolade Plus.

Safeguard Design & Safeguard R10, R11, R12

Safeguard Design features colours styled to complement Accolade, Australis, Safeguard R10, R11 & R12 ranges.

The single base with accent chip visual provides designer visual and aids maintenance. Broad colour range offers wide choice for markets from Education to Aged Care.

Safeguard R10, R11 & R12 slip resistant vinyl sheet flooring offers durable safety floors for the most demanding environments.

A combination of of high quality PVC, hard wearing aluminium oxide, silicon carbide and quartz throughout the product, Safeguard provides long term durability and slip resistance.

Safeguard offers three levels of slip resistance (R10, R11 & R12) to meet a variety of industrial / high traffic areas such as commercial kitchens, butchers and bakeries.

Setting standards with style


Australian made Australis is a homogeneous sheet vinyl floor with a contemporary colour palette and bold tone on tone visual, which combines excellent durability and maintenance characteristics.

Available in 18 colours, Australis is styled to blend light and shade in a multi chip visual and is especially suitable for facilities subject to high daily use.


Australian made Quantum is a homogeneous sheet vinyl floor with a contemporary colour palette and unique visual, combining excellent durability and maintenance characteristics.

With protective polyurethane, Quantum reduces the need for for initial and ongoing maintenance and is therefore especially suitable for facilities subject to high daily use.


No translation needed, thanks to both its flexibility and resistance to stains, Translations is an enormously popular floor covering for a wide variety of applications, such as retirement facilities, nursing homes, educational and recreational environments, as well as retail spaces.

Available in three patterns and fifteen colours, the superb patterning and structure of Translations adds a great sense of tone and depth, making it perfect for a space that makes demands of form as well as function.


Here’s a great timber look that doesn’t harm a single tree. With its strikingly authentic wood-effect designs, this designer floor covering is a real eye-catcher, available in four species and twelve different colour configurations.

The combination of its warm, natural look and ease of maintenance make Timberline ideal for retirement facilities, nursing homes, educational and recreational environments, as well as retail spaces.


Wallflex viny floorcovering has become the Australian Standard for durable, hygienic wall covering.

Clean and simple by design, Wallflex provides a seamless coating for healthcare interiors needing a low maintenance, long lasting wall covering which resists scratching, scuffing and denting.

Polyurethane coating reduces maintenance costs and protects long term appearance whilst the homogeneous construction is excellent for dent and gouge resistance.

Suitable for applications such as:  Hospital, Aged Care, Health Care, Education, Light Industrial, Mercantile and Hospitality

Armalon NG & Armatrans

The Armalon NG and Armatrans ranges of value engineered flooring feature an uncomplicated visual, a durable homogeneous construction and a polyurethane acrylic reinforced surface to reduce initial and ongoing maintenance.

The homogeneous construction has outstanding stability and durability and is resistant to indentation and rolling loads.

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