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Crain Carbide Tipped Blade for 820V

Code: 821

Carpet Cutters & Trimmers
Crain Deluxe Carpet Trimmer

Code: 245

Crain Carpet Trimmer

Code: 246

Crain Cushion Back Cutter

Code: 301

Crain Loop Pile Cutter

Code: 303

Red Carpet Row Cutter

Code: C27

Blue Loop Pile Cutter

Code: C58

C60 Carpet Knife Fixed Blade

Code: C60

C62 Deluxe Strip Cutter

Code: C62

ICA25 Large Snap Cutter

Code: ICA25

Mega Snap Cutter

Code: L550

Carpet Tile Cutters & Blades
Crain Carpet Tile Cutter

Code: 675

Crain Carpet Tile Cutter Blade

Code: 676

Floor Protection
Knee Pads
Crain “Comfort Knees” Knee Pads

Code: 197

Crain Elastic Strap Knee Pads

Code: 200KP

Crain Leather Knee Pads

Code: 206

G1 Gel – Swivel Knee Pad

Code: G1

G2 Gel – Swivel Knee Pad

Code: G2

G5 Gel – Super Cushion 2 Pads in 1

Code: G5

Knives & Pouches
Crain Instant Repair Tool (Cookie Cutter)

Code: 174

Crain Tuck Knife

Code: 175

Crain Utility Knife

Code: 730

Auto Loading Retractable Utility Knife

Code: 1121

Fixed Heavy Duty Utility Knife

Code: C44

Dual Notch Fixed Utility Knife & Holster

Code: SHARK2

Crain Square Tool Pouch

Code: 407

Leather Utility Pouch

Code: C40

Measuring Tools
Crain 24″ Steel Square

Code: 915

10M Metric Tape Measure 25mm

Code: T1025M

Respiratory Protection

Crain 10cm Straight Axle Roller

Code: 436

Crain Bigfoot Roller

Code: 437

Safety Straight Edge
4M Aluminium Safety Straightedge

Code: MX82

2M Aluminium Safety Straightedge

Code: MX83

1M Aluminium Safety Straightedge

Code: MX84

Scissors / Shears
10″ Premax Carpet Shears

Code: 1104

12″ Premax Carpet Shears

Code: 1109

C29 7″ Duckbill Shears

Code: 2300

8″ Offset Napping Shears

Code: 3100

Aviation Tin Snips

Code: C90

Staplers / Tackers
Staple Hammer

Code: C43

Crain Extension Tube Section

Code: 502

Crain Mini Stretcher w/Seam Attachment

Code: 514

Crain Swivel-Lock Stretcher

Code: 520

Crain Rolling 24″ Tool Kit

Code: 024

Crain Staple Remover

Code: 126

Crain Adhesive Syringe & Needle

Code: 143

Crain Seam Applicator Bottle

Code: 145

Crain White Rubber Mallet

Code: 151

Crain Stair Tool

Code: 152

Crain Moulding Lifter

Code: 157

Crain Carpet Spreader

Code: 161

Crain Magnetic Driving Bar

Code: 166

Seam Squeeze Set (2)

Code: 180

Crain Carpet AWL

Code: 195

Crain 10″ Glue Sticks (19)

Code: 201

Crain Row Separator

Code: 365

Crain Economy Knee Kicker

Code: 505

Crain Folding Tail Block Complete

Code: 150023

Cushion Grip Metal Stair Tool

Code: C92

24oz Hammer with Fibreglass Handle

Code: H24

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