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Delmhorst Moisture Test Kits are designed to detect if there is continuous moisture migration toward the surface, testing surface and mid section of concrete slabs.

Delmhorst Moisture Test Kits reduce the chances of excess moisture in wood floors and sub floors and identify potential for delamination in synthetic floors.

50mm (2″) Sleeves (20)

Code: DI220020

75mm (3″) Sleeves (20)

Code: DI320020

120mm Sleeves (10)

Code: DI250020

Salt Solutions 75%

Code: DISLT75

13mm Drill Bit

Code: DI625DRILL

100mm Humidity Probes

Code: DI2500100

75mm Humidity Probes

Code: DI2500011

Delmhorst PH Test Meter

Make quick, precise pH readings of concrete and carpet surfaces. The PH-100 is the only such device that has a surface contact probe.

pH Balanced Testing Fluid 25ml

Code: 6250600

Calibration Solution 4.0

Code: 6250604

Calibration Solution 7.0

Code: 6250607

Calibration Solution 10.0

Code: 6250610

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