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nora by Interface is a global market leader for rubber floorcoverings.  Since 1950 Interface have produced the world’s highest quality rubber floorcoverings made from outstandingly resilient materials and is maintained by industry best practice pre installation and post installation service support.

A good installation result comes from a combination of a first-class floorcovering and sound expert handling. You can bring your vision to
life and ensure your floor’s natural beauty and longevity by taking correct installation and maintenance procedures.

nora Seam Cutter

For trimming joins.  Used in conjuntion with nora steel straightedge.

Code: 6523

nora Steel Straight Edge

For cutting nora seams.  Size 2.1M

Code: 6512

nora Cutting Stencil

For forming internal and external mitre cuts.  For forming 10cm skirting strips.

Code: 6568

nora Liquid Wax

For use when doing nora cold weld seams.  Size: 0.5L 

Code: 6551

Corrugated Links

For crack repair to concrete subfloors.  Pk 100

Code: 6592

Adhesive Spreader with Serrated Blade

Takes TKB A2 serrated blades 

Code: 6533

Serrated Blades TKB A2

For adhesive application to recommended spread rate.  Pk 10

Code: 6638

Smoothing Spatula

For use with nora joint sealing compound (cold weld).

Code: 6545

Cork Rubbing Board

Smoothing bubbles from flooring ensuring adhesive transfer – used in conjunction with a 45Kg roller.

Code: 6565

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