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MJS Vinyl Installation Tools

H02 Standard Profile – Versablade Handle

Code: MH02

H03 Low Profile – Versablade Handle B

Code: MH03

F12 Flat Blade

Code: MF12

U1 1.6 x 0.8 x 0.8mm U-Notch Blade

Code: MU1

V1 1.6 x 1.6 x 1.6mm V-Notch Blade

Code: MV1

V2 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4mm Direct Stick Blade

Code: MV2

V3 3.2 x 1.6 x 3.2mm Carpet Blade

Code: MV3

Crain Vinyl Installation Tools

Crain Rolling 24″ Tool Kit

Code: 024

Crain Model “A” Tile Cutter

Code: 001

Crain 36″ Vinyl Dolly

Code: 016

Crain Square Edge Roller

Code: 348

Crain 34KG Vinyl Roller and Case

Code: 075

Crain 45KG Vinyl Roller and Case

Code: 076

Crain 250gm White Chalk Refill

Code: 080

Crain Adhesive Syringe & Needle

Code: 143

Crain White Rubber Mallet

Code: 151

Crain “Comfort Knees” Knee Pads

Code: 197

Crain Elastic Strap Knee Pads

Code: 200KP

Crain Round Edge Roller

Code: 349

Crain Deluxe Dividers

Code: 380

Crain Square Tool Pouch

Code: 407

Crain Sealer Bottle

Code: 460B

Crain Carbide Tipped Blade for 820V

Code: 821

Crain 24″ Steel Square

Code: 915

Crain Irwin Chalk Line

Code: 125

Crain Utility Knife

Code: 730

Crain Extension Wall Roller

Code: 333

Misc Installation Tools

105-2 Shark Knife & Holster

Code: 1052

Mega Snap Cutter

Code: L550

10M Metric Tape Measure 25mm

Code: T1025M

G2 Gel – Swivel Knee Pad

Code: G2

24oz Hammer with Fibreglass Handle

Code: H24

G1 Gel – Swivel Knee Pad

Code: G1

ICA25 Large Snap Cutter

Code: ICA25

G5 Gel – Super Cushion 2 Pads in 1

Code: G5

Leather Utility Pouch

Code: C40


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